Hunting Lease Liability Insurance

Being a landowner, an individual hunter who leases hunting land, or a member of a hunting club that leases hunting land, hunting lease liability insurance is essential protection as both parties assume some legal risk while being on a property. Landowners owe a duty of care to certain entrants on their land including property guests and those who provide compensation to hunt (leaseholders) their land. When leasing hunting land, individual hunters and members of hunting groups need to secure liability insurance to protect themselves, other members of their hunting group, and even guests they have on the property against acts for which they could be held legally responsible. It is simply not worth facing potential litigation, risking personal assets or your family’s future financial security for any unfortunate accidents that could happen or acts of others that are on the property you hunt.

Due to the growing and continual demand for hunting land leases, Sportsman Properties has comprised the following list to help and assist our clients in locating and securing the appropriate hunting lease liability insurance coverage that best suits their needs.



* List and hyperlinks do not represent all insurers that offer these products, services and or policies. You are encouraged to do your own research and "shop" insurers that best suit you. Sportsman Trophy Properties Real Estate, LLC (Sportsman Properties) is NOT a law firm, insurer or an insurance company and at NO TIME provide(s) legal advice. *