Founder's Message

Welcome to the Sportsman Properties website! I hope you find the information here relevant and useful to you. Navigating through this website will give you a lot of information about Sportsman Properties and how we can help assist you in making your dream of owning or leasing your own hunting land a reality. Your expectations and many others things are well explained on the website which will help you understand more of the processes.

Sportsman Trophy Properties Real Estate, LLC (Sportsman Properties) is a unique countryside real estate company founded and located in South-Central Pennsylvania in 2017. Our core focus areas are to bring together buyers and sellers of countryside real estate through our growing Sportsman Properties Agent and Broker Networks, provide hunting land lease services for landowners, lessees and lessee hunting groups, as well as provide countryside real estate investment and development opportunities for real estate investors.

Being an avid hunter all my life, a landowner myself, and a licensed Pennsylvania Realtor® since 2007, I felt an overwhelming call to combine my passions for hunting, land management and real estate for many years. It has also always been important to me to be directly involved in and on the forefront of issues that regulate and govern our hunting community. Because of this, it is my honor to currently serve on the Board of Directors for the United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania, which is a non-profit organization, that works very closely with Pennsylvania state legislature and the Pennsylvania Game Commission to preserve, promote and protect bowhunting opportunities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  I live and breath hunting and real estate every day and work tirelessly to make sure that Sportsman Properties is valuable resource for our clients in the filed and in the real estate markets.

I was very blessed and humbled to be able to hunt other people's private lands over the years with their permission. Unfortunately, when it came to public hunting lands, it always came with challenges. Mainly being other hunters trying to hunt the same areas I was. I found it was nearly impossible to properly manage and scout on public hunting land. I had the same challenges on private land that other hunters were also given permission to hunt. It was extremely frustrating to me and and I dreamed of owning my own hunting land. When I was finally able to make that dream a reality in 2016, the feelings of privacy, my ability to manage, scout and harvest game on my own land was all encompassing to me. I knew so many of my fellow hunters had these same challenges and also had this dream. I wanted to help and be able to assist them in achieving the same encompassing feelings of land ownership that I experienced. Here, Sportsman Trophy Properties Real Estate had been realized. 

By focusing on our core strengths, I believe we retain a unique niche within the real estate industry when compared with other companies. We are a growing countryside real estate company. Each member of our expanding team and our growing real estate broker network has the fundamental, substantial, and practical field experience necessary to assist you in achieving your dream property through purchase or lease. We make absolutely certain that clients we work with receive a personal, tailored service and we never take on more than we can handle – every client we work with receives the full attention they deserve. We recognize the importance of maintaining close client relationships throughout the duration of transactions, terms and beyond.  Through our commitment to continually deliver the highest standards of service, we offer expansive countryside real estate services within our unique niche. It is our extensive knowledge and profound expertise that has helped us to steadily grow into the position we are today by continually widening the services we offer while maintaining transparency, honesty and integrity with our clients. 


With that being said, I therefore invite you to contact us for all your hunting land and countryside real estate needs. If you do not find the information you are looking for in this website, please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE. We will listen to you and your wishes and give you a realistic understanding of your individual situation and what we can do to help you. 

Thank you for your interest in Sportsman Trophy Properties Real Estate.


Christopher Wilson

Founder, President & CEO

Sportsman Properties